•     I.P.S. was founded in 1992 by ir. Luc Tasiaux under the name of I.M. & R, with an office located in Overijse, Belgium, which initial activities were mainly in Western Europe.
  •     In 1995, a branch-office opened in Germany: this Operational Unit is currently located in Eisenhüttenstadt, near the Polish border. This is the main project office in Germany, and also focuses on expansion towards Eastern Europe.
  •     In 2002, the Technological Center in Eisenhüttenstadt was inaugurated. This is a strategic center for training, support and innovation in the field of modern project management. It is also suitable for seminars, exhibitions and culture events. An inauguration of the Technological center in Eisenhüttenstadt extension took place. Definitely it was a year of intensive expansion.
  •     Beginning of 2004, a new entity was created in Sofia, Bulgaria to cover the projects situated in this area.
  •     Middle of 2004, the new operational unit in China is a fact. Beijing was selected as a base for the realization of projects in the Asian region.
  •     End of 2004, another new entity was created in Madrid, Spain to continue the worldwide development of the group,
  •     During 2005 the construction of a brand new Competence Center in Nivelles, Belgium took place up to answer the growth of the company. End 2006 IPS Belgium moved into their new offices.
  •     Middle 2006 Group-IPS opened a new entity in the USA, West Virgina.
  •     To continue the worldwide development of the group, another new entity was created beginning 2007 in the Middle East, based in Beirut, Lebanon.
  •     Middle 2007 a new operational unit was created in Brazil, Sao Paolo, to cover the projects in the South American area.
  •     Group-IPS created in January 2010 a new company in Belgium: I.T.S. – Industrial Technical Services aiming providing on-demand specialized support in Industrial field.

In the near future, Group-IPS is working towards establishing an operational base in Russia and Africa.

Stay tuned, More to Come…