IPS Spain is the daughter company of the international firm Group-IPS, an engineering company dedicated to Project Management. Our Branch Office, located in the very heart of Madrid near the classical-music Auditorium, was created in 2004 and has developed since then various projects in Spain and multiple others internationally including Hotels, Offices, Commercial areas and Industrial Production Facilities related to Pharmacy, Food, Chemical, Automotive and Energy field.

On behalf of IPS SPAIN team, welcome to our website,

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Ivaila Petrova has a Master's Degree in Architecture from the UAGC Sofia University in Bulgaria, and was hired in 2008 developing since then projects in Bulgaria, Spain, Germany and Tunisia. She fluently speaks Spanish, English, German and Bulgarian. Curriculum

Carmen Gonzalez Martínez entered IPS SPAIN in 2007 as Technical Designer, and collaborates in Projects all along Europe: Spain, Germany, Belgium and Tunisia are her latest references. She fluently speaks English and Spanish.Curriculum

Camille Markarian is an Industrial Engineer graduated in the INSA from Lyon, France. She was hired back in 2008 and manages since then projects in Belgium and Tunisia thanks to the fact Camille fluently speaks Spanish, French, English and German. Curriculum

The current Managing Director or IPS SPAIN, Juan Sanchez Chatar, has a Master's Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnics University from Madrid and belongs to IPS SPAIN discipline starting back in 2005. He has up until today supported, collaborated and mainly managed Architectural, Engineering and Project Management Projects in Spain, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Tunisia and China. He fluently speaks French, German and English among Spanish. Curriculum