IPS SPAIN (Juan Sanchez) visited the Ministry of Industry

During April 18th 2012, Juan Sanchez managing Director of IPS SPAIN visited the deputy director for sectoral industrial policies Mr. de la Fuente García.
It was a highly interesting encounter where our company had the opportunity to understand what is the future industrial policy Spain will develop in the coming years.

The purpose of the meeting was:
– understanding all mechanisms used by Spain to attract potential foreign investors
– get to know how our country will increase competitivity in the industrial sector

We believe our country has several fundamental problems:
1. very fragmented industrial attractors/actors in Spain. Lots of departments, very wide and different interlocutors. A single ‘window’ should apply in case of big potential interesting projects (above 40 Mio€). Unlike any other countries today this is sadly not happening.
2. uninteresting subsidizing policy or low financial help from the state, unlike other countries such as for example Germany
3. since manpower costs are higher than other emergent economies, maybe an attraction plan for talented engineers could be useful. Somthing has been developped by the spanish government but we believe this could be improved.
4. energy cost revision. This might highly impact the decision of an investor when it comes to electricity, or gas cost.
5. improve the subsidizes for investment (interest rates on loans by the federal governments should be removed).

Summarizing: we believe Spain is a highly interesting country. In spite of the constant decreasing production rate in spain of the last 30 years, the highly qulified manpower and the big hub spain represents towards south-america, or Africa, should oblige our government to react as soon as possible.
However ‘Rome was not conwuered in one day’, we believe our Ministry of Industry is undertaking all necessary efforts that should be further supported by the spanish government and its economical strategy.

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