The definition and understanding of the Project Life Cycle is at the core of the IPS Approach. Below are its basic elements:

Operational Steps within a project

  • Definition of the project
  • Preparation of the pre-contracts with the suppliers
  • Negotiation of the contractual terms and signing the pre-contract => Contract
  • Production, Manufacturing by the supplier and delivery
  • Election, modification and commissioning on site

Within a project the following units deliver Support

  • Quality
  • Safety co-ordination and Safety department
  • Standards, norms, regulations, laws, etc.
  • Environmental aspects
  • Process planning and operational planning
  • User of the equipment

The Directive Level of the project can be subdivided into

  • Master planning
  • Engineering for industrial need
  • Updating of existing databases
  • Time scheduling in a global view
  • Time scheduling in detail for engineering and manufacturing (in-source, out-source)
  • Time scheduling in detail for erection and adoption on the Owner’s site

The Directive tasks of the project management are

  • Budget Tracking
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Steering

Project Life Cycle: