Energy audits

EARCH en Group IPS

  • As a result of its strong Knowledge Management and continuous Method Development, Group-IPS created several competence units canalizing its expertise.
  • EARCH is a competence unit operating in an independent way inside Group-IPS.
  • This approach allows EARCH to benefit of all advantages of an international, multidisciplinary engineering office while concentrating only on the development of knowledge and expertise.

The services for EXISTING systems

  • Energy audits(2002/91/CE)
    • Identifying the energy cost of each step of the process (in Euros and primary energy (Gj)
    • Finding all improvement possibilities (related to the process, the technology or the behaviours)
    • Quantifying these possibilities in terms of profitability and energy efficiency c(quantify the “potential of energy saving”)
    • Elaborate an action plan
  • Evaluate the relevance of fuel switch
    • From fuel to gas, from electricity to gas…
    • Cogeneration, trigeneration, renewable energy
  • Waste and Water Management
    • Water purification units
    • Reduction of emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases
  • The Implementation (project preparation and realisation) of the above actions

Services for NEW systems

  • Energy and Environmental Engineering
    • Engineering and implementation of new projects related to energy productions or environmental impacts.
    • CO2 reduction
  • Project Sustainability Scan on Basic Design
      • Architecture : optimizing the actual structure of the building in order to minimize the need for heating, acclimatization and artificial lighting.
      • Process : heat recuperation, reduce the losses due to fluid transportation (compressed air, vapour, hot water,…)
      • Behaviour (automatic lighting management, automatic regulation of the heating,.. )
      • – Geographic analysis : optimization of product and people flow, transport analysis…

    Added Value of EARCH

    • An Independent Approach: EARCH operates as an independent engineering office, operating in close collaboration with the customer.
      We are not linked to energy suppliers or contractors. 

      • Open to all technologies
      • Beyond technical solutions (behaviour…)
      • The (long-term) needs of the customer are the starting point
    • A Total: As part of Group-IPS, EARCH can offer all services needed to implement the chosen solutions. We do not stop by the delivery of a consultancy report but continue with the implementation and the follow up of the investment.
      • One face to the customer
      • Combination of Project Management with Technical Competence

    Methods and Analysis

    For an existing plant, but also for new production unit, an energy scan is made identifying the energy vectors and the main energy consumers. This allows visualizing the energy consumption of a plant and is the first step for a further analysis.

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