Architecture Engineering

Group-IPS is a multidisciplinary engineering company using a structure of Competence Units to manage internal knowledge and expertise. Depending on the current needs of a project, a synergy is created between several Competence Units.

  • CU Automation & Modelling

    As an answer to the technological evolution in Industrial Automation Projects , IPS first added Automation and Modelling to its palette of activities in 1996.

    IPS has had considerable experience with automation projects. During these projects, it became clear that the success of a project above all depends on the preparations carried out before the actual start of the works.
    Because of the evolution of the typical project life cycle in recent years, there is not enough time left for comprehensive preparations. IPS offers the possibility to start the preparation of the work, without having to wait for the project decision, because the budget involved is much lower.

    IPS can also manage the coordination between different parties, required for the realisation of automation projects. IPS is not only able to take care of the project realisation, but can also manage the involvement and the training of the final customer’s personnel.

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  • CU Architecture

    In 1998, realizing the importance of a conceptual approach towards industrial projects, IPS added architecture to its range of professional activities. This has allowed IPS to give added value to the logistical and visual aspects of its projects.
    Since that time, CU Architecture has grown out of its industrial background and has developed into a flexible partner for all your architectural projects.

    Contrary to conceptual art, architecture will always be a compromise between conceptual an analytic elements.
    A balance must be found between form and budget, between concept and technical feasibility…
    The concept, striving for a translation of the complete programme into a language of forms without any restrictions whatsoever, does require analysis in order to link up to reality (budget, planning, technical feasibility).

    Added value can only be created by managing both approaches. Doing so will invariably translate into simplicity, transparency and flexibility.

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  • CU Industrial Bio-Engineering

    Biotechnology was first added to our range of activities in 1997.

    Combining bio and pharmaceutical skills and methods with our experience in various sectors of industry forms the key to a cost effective, timely and qualitative realisation for even the most demanding industries.
    I.P.S. Industrial Bio – Engineering offers a quick and flexible response towards a sector which is subject to continuously changing demands from industry itself and as regards the legal framework.

    • Centralisation of knowledge
    • Technical support for Group-IPS activities
    • Interaction with other Competence Units
    • Own development

    Group-IPS offers more than 10 years of experience in a wide range of industrial projects, the logistic possibilities of a young ambitious engineering company, and especially state-of-the-art technology that will give the added value to your project.

    CU Bio Energy

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  • CU Industrial Project Administration

    Since the beginning of our activities in 1993, centralized project administration, has been part of our range of activities. Within industrial projects, the goal is to provide an efficient document management system guaranteeing an effective and long-term use of the project documentation.


    • Central documentation management on IPS or customer’s Server,
    • www oriented document management,
    • www project information system,
    • Revision management.


    • Single central documentation structure,
    • Easy access to all documents (i.e. correspondence, drawings, contracts,…),
    • Up-to-date archive,
    • Quick identification of all the documents.
    • Group-IPS offers more than 10 years of project experience in different sectors as well as a dynamic team of skilled engineers and assistants.

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  • CU Project Financing

    Founded in 1992, IPS has grown into a professional advisory firm with as aim to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of its customers.
    IPS professionals are dedicated to serving clients in individual industry segments, leading to a keen understanding of industry-specific business issues and trends.
    Financial Engineering Services
    In these times, there are few rules and no boundaries. In order to keep up, a rational use of resources is an absolute requirement. IPS Financial Engineering Services can provide you a solution to Environmental issues, Business Recovery, Valuation & Strategy, Corporate Finance, Profit Maximization, Process Analysis & Redesign, Legal Contracting and Operational Control.

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