project management

  • Strategic Consultancy

    Whether you are looking for the newest technologies or the best location for your future production facility, an optimal financing scheme or a solution to your logistics problems, Group-IPS will be your partner in defining your specific needs and company strategies.

    For more than a decade, Group-IPS has been involved in industrial investment projects in Europe. Our teams have been studying industry trends and new technologies in metallurgy, pharmaceutics, petrochemicals, automotive and other sectors with the goal of building up competence and creating tools and methods to facilitate the choices that future investors have to make when starting to think about new project.

    The Strategic Consultancy services offered by Group-IPS include a variety of tools, methods and professional advice on defining the strategies, preparing, realising and managing an industrial facility. Add to this our dedication to interact closely and systematically with the investor, his supplier and his clients, and you will have a basic idea of how we can help with the evaluation of a project.

  • Project Preparation

    Group-IPS ensures that the project is ready to be ordered:

    When a new need is defined through a project definition file, the strategy and strength of I.P.S. is to carry out permitting at the same time as the investment analysis and the procurement activities. This means that when the budget is ready for approval, the project is ready to be ordered and the necessary permits are available to start with the site preparative works.

    This is the Project Preparation Phase.

    In this phase, we are able to complete a full Investment Analysis, where a Budget is calculated for each technical option as described in the project definition file. The Total Cost of the project is quantified over the project lifecycle, taking into account operational costs, maintenance costs, storage costs, etc… I.P.S. is also capable of performing a Market Analysis and an Earning Capacity Estimate for the new investment.

    All of the results are presented in the Appropriation Request together with the Project Presentation File.

    When required, we can simultaneously prepare general specifications and tender documents, and proceed with technical negotiations in order to be able to sign pre-contracts for each main part of the investment.

  • Project Realization

    Group-IPS coordinates the project and integrates into the customer’s project management structure.

    When the budget is approved and the first major contracts are signed, the Project Realisation Phase starts.

    During the Project Realisation Phase, we will closely assist the customer’s project manager with the daily follow-up. If required, Group-IPS can also assume the function of project manager.

    In addition to a systematic Follow-Up of Engineering, Time Schedule and Costs, we will also take charge of the Technical Coordination, present solutions and alternatives to the project manager and the different contractors.

    Optionally (and preferably) we can offer the customer both Layout Engineering and Time Scheduling modules combined, since both are closely interrelated.